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Wednesday, April 26th, 2017







Our urban utility bikes are built for the daily routine and the city scene. They make it easier to haul, easier to commute, easier to look great while doing it. They’re the best way to soak up the sights, sounds, and vibe of the city. Wherever the urban landscape takes you, there's a Trek to get you there.






 District Head Photo 2016

Killer looks. Street smarts in spades. District elevates the urban bike to a new level of refinement with a sexy mashup of style and function.

Trek Chelsea 9 Women's 2016

Chelsea 9 Women’s


Trek Chelsea 8 Women's 2016

Chelsea 8


Trek District SSB 2016

District SSB


Trek District 9 2016

District 9


Trek District IGH 3 2016

District IGH 3











Lync is a dedicated, low-maintenance, tricked-out commuter bike. Every detail, right down to the integrated lighting, makes getting from point A to B as easy and fun as possible.

Trek Lync 5 2016

Lync 5


Trek Lync 3 2016

Lync 3








Allant’s savvy blend of style and function make it the perfect way to commute, dash to the farmers’ market, or cruise the boulevard.



Trek Allant 7.4 2016

Allant 7.4


Trek Allant 7.2 2016

Allant 7.2








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