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David Studner 0:12
Gravels gotten to be really interesting and really visible in the past

Andrew Krautbauer 0:15
few years, what's been kind of known as a smaller category has been growing and growing. We wanted something that if you're out on the road, and you saw some cool paths, some cool trail that you could take it, the bike itself, the tire won't hold you back, you could just go explore, maybe find some trouble.

David Studner 0:34
Feels like mountain biking did back in the 90s, where there's a whole lot of discovery going on. And people are finding new rides, they're exploring their home areas, but places they didn't ride before. So yeah, it's very much like a mountain bikers road bike,

Andrew Krautbauer 0:49
I think that's what's what's really cool about is it's not a road bike. And it's not an adventure bike, it's something of its own. That really speaks to just the versatility of the platform, where it can really cover a lot of needs of that rider, whether it's the distance thing or it's the terrain, the bike can can pretty much handle anything.

David Studner 1:10
We actually began with boons geometry, but we knew that the rider looking for a gravel bike wanted a little more stability, and a lot more tire clearance. What we've landed on with Checkpoint is a bike that still maneuverable and fun to ride, but more steady on unsteady surfaces, we realized that there was going to need to be some special features, but that Trek already has a really deep toolbox full of technologies that were going to really resonate with this customer. Things like ISO speed for shock absorption, stranglehold for adjustability and the ability to run the bike as a single speed oclv carbon, the industry's best carbon fiber technology, have full Shimano grupos, all of them will have hydraulic disc brakes, and one of the industry's best gravel tires the Swallow g 1 in a 35. c.

Andrew Krautbauer 1:58
So many mounts, but it was there was a very conscious effort in placing all those mounts. Having talked to a lot of riders, we came out with a bike that's pretty versatile in just waterbottle spacing and auxiliary mounting locations, we really wanted to maximize the storage capabilities on that bike with all the mills. But another feature that that we didn't want to overlook was the fact that this bike is being ridden off road. With that, you're going to start seeing a lot more debris being thrown up at your bike. So we decided to investigate carbon armor. And so that's why we placed it on the downtube and along the chain stays is to protect that frame from rocks being flung up making a road bike just that more robust and rugged.

David Studner 2:45
Gravel demands a broader gear range. So we got the widest range cassette that we could put on these bikes and a compact front chainring we incorporated the asymmetrical chainstay and moved the drive side chain stayed down in a way it's just a sensible way to make a better tire clearance without over complicating the bike.

Andrew Krautbauer 3:05
We've created this bike and it's got so much tech and so much content to it, that we really don't want you to get hung up on it. We just want to enable you to get out and have a really great ride. This bike really is that piece that does get me to think about riding as a kid again and being able to get back to that is pretty awesome.



The dedicated gravel bike

Checkpoint is the gravel bike that gives you the versatility and capability you need to tackle everything from epic backwoods adventures to fun-filled commutes and gravel racing pursuits. It's packed with gravel-specific features and off-road capability, and was designed to be set up in a wide variety of configurations depending on what the ride calls for.


Something for everyone

However you like to hit the gravel, there's a Checkpoint ready to take the experience to the next level. With multiple carbon and aluminum models, as well as women's-specific options, we'll help you find the right one for you.

Checkpoint Family: something for everyone. Four people standing with their bikes with mountains in the background.
Checkpoint Family: carry all the essentials. Man sitting next to his bike with water bottles attached.

Carry all the essentials

Let's face it: the most glorious gravel rides aren't always glamorous, and the grittiest adventures require extra gear. Hauling everything you need, including loads of water, is incredibly easy thanks to tons of cleverly-placed mounts for racks and cages.

Massive tire clearance

Run the tires that fit the ride at hand. Checkpoint comes equipped with ultra-versatile 700x35c gravel tires, but we're not ones to limit ourselves, so the bike comfortably accepts tire widths from 28-45c

Checkpoint Family: tire clearance. Close up of the tire.
Checkpoint Family: gearing. Close up of the gears.

Choose your geometry & gearing

All models feature Trek's Stranglehold Dropout, a horizontal sliding dropout that allows the rider to customize ride feel with 15mm of wheelbase adjustment or easily run Checkpoint as a singlespeed.


Checkpoint Family

Checkpoint SL

500 Series OCLV Carbon, Rear IsoSpeed, Stranglehold dropouts, tapered head tube, BB90, flat mount disc brakes, rack mounts and hidden fender mounts, Control Freak, internal cable routing, 12mm thru axle, 3S chain keeper, Ride Tuned seatmast

Starting price

Checkpoint SL in orange.
Checkpoint ALR in blue

Checkpoint ALR

300 Series Alpha Aluminum, tapered head tube, BB86.5, flat mount disc brakes, Stranglehold dropouts, 12mm thru axle, Control Freak, internal cable routing, 3S chain keeper

Starting price