The smooth advantage

Domane with IsoSpeed has it all: Blistering speed. Incredible race comfort and stability, even on the punishing pavé of Flanders and Roubaix. Don’t endure. Conquer.

Powering over centuries-old cobbles, charging up dizzying climbs, descending on rails to an epic win. That's how Fabian Cancellara rides his Domane. How will you ride yours?


Smooth IsoSpeed decoupler

Trek's innovative IsoSpeed technology increases compliance for efficiency over rough surfaces and a smoother, less fatiguing ride.

Domane Family Road smoothing IsoSpeed
Domane Family Efficient


Domane makes the most of every pedal stroke: with incredible power transfer and 30% more lateral stiffness than the competition. No waste, all win.


Balanced, race-stable geometry and integrated chain keeper give Domane extraordinary handling and flawless shifting on any road, under any load.

Domane Family Stable
Domane Family Brakes

Caliper or disc brakes

All the stopping power you need, just the way you want it: smooth all-weather discs, or lightweight calipers.


Domane Family


Domane SLR

600 Series OCLV Carbon, adjustable Rear IsoSpeed, Front IsoSpeed, carbon IsoSpeed Fork, customizable through Project One

Starting price


Domane SL

500 Series OCLV Carbon, Rear IsoSpeed, Front IsoSpeed, carbon IsoSpeed fork

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Domane AL

100 Series Alpha Aluminum, carbon IsoSpeed fork

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