If you want to ride trails in the great outdoors, a mountain bike is for you. Our lineup has every rider covered, from those just beginning to push their limits, to those racing or going for serious air. If you’re seeking a ride to expand your horizons in expansive environs, look no further. Check out full suspension or hardtail options, and you’ll find the bike to keep your smile shining through the dirt.



Cross country bikes are built to be light, fast, and capable. They can carry you across a World Cup finish line or get you to your first trailhead. You decide if you want to keep it fast or keep it fun.

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Man riding an X-Caliber bike up hill


Caution: X-Caliber will get you hooked. It packs all of Trek’s XC race hardtail experience into a light, fast bike that pairs the right wheel size with each frame size.

Two men riding a MARLIN XC bikes


Marlin takes its cue from light, fast XC bikes. The right wheel size for each frame size, performance pedigree, and unbeatable ride feel make Marlin the perfect trail rider.



Trail bikes are your do-more ride. They're versatile, light, and exceedingly capable, climbing as well as they descend, conquering trails from the Dolomites to Durango. They're the right bike for anything from a quick stint on the trails to a brutal day of racing. No other bikes offer this level of no-compromise performance, any-situation versatility.

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A person riding a Stache trail bike


Want the capability of a full suspension trail bike in a simple hardtail package, plus the extra benefits of 29+ tires? Then you were born to ride the Stache.



Fat bikes give you more places, more seasons to ride. From dunes to drifts, race to recreation, fat bikes let you tackle anything, any time, for any reason. Wide tires make these machines supremely capable and amazingly fun.

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Farley fat bike


Farley changes the game for fat bikes. With lightweight carbon or alloy frame options and the ability to accommodate 5" tires and a variety of wheel sizes, Farley is the quickest and most versatile fat bike ever.